Our Brands

The best chocolate spreads in the world deserve the best marketing and therefore Brinkers brands are supported by strong and effective marketing, such as social media support, recipes, digital cookbooks, advertising and points of sale materials. Most of the marketing activities are focused on the leading organic brands So Vegan So Fine and La Vida Vegan. However, also for all other brands many different marketing and advertising materials are available.

Brinkers has over the years successfully developed brands in every segment of the international marketplace, both organic and conventional. Today, 75% of Brinkers’ output is in organic chocolate spreads.

Organic brands

La Vida Vegan

Vegan, Palm oil free, Gluten free, Organic and Fairtrade

So Vegan So Fine

Vegan, Palm oil free, Gluten free, Organic and Fairtrade

Nusco Bio

Organic and UTZ certified

Chocolate Rhapsody

Premium and Organic

It’s My Life

Organic and Fairtrade

Conventional brands


The classic Brinkers brand, in 5 bestselling UTZ certified varieties

Nusco Palm oil free & Vegan

This extension is 100% natural, palm oil free, vegan, gluten free and Rainforest Alliance certified.

Nusco Protein

 A range of high protein chocolate spreads. No added sugar, palm oil free and gluten free. 


The world’s bestselling international economy brand

Chocolate Symphony

Brinkers’ range of premium chocolate spread

Apart from being a successful producer of leading brands, Brinkers is considered to be one of Europe’s leading suppliers of a wide range of first class chocolate spreads under private label.