Brinkers: a fair company

Apart from leading the way in organic chocolate spreads, Brinkers is also a company providing a pleasant, social and safe working environment for its employees, as is confirmed by our SEDEX membership and SMETA pillar 2 certification.

Also in our own community, the region of Twente in the Eastern part of the Netherlands, we create a positive impact by sourcing services regionally to support small enterprises and by donations to charities feeding the underprivileged.

By purchasing Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance certified materials for most of our Brinkers chocolate spreads brands, we ensure a fair pay for farmers in developing countries.

Vegan, organic
and premium

We care for our environment

As we all know, global warming and declining biodiversity are two of the great challenges of the 21st century. At Brinkers, we continue to reduce our impact on the environment by amongst others:

  • 100% green energy
  • implementing energy efficiencies in our premises
  • improving waste separation by using recyclable packaging where possible, such as for example easy removable labels
  • further improving internal waste separation

Sustainably sourced raw materials

In 2020, almost all of our chocolate spreads brands contain sustainably sourced raw materials. Through adapting our product portfolio by increasing the output of organic, vegan and palm-oil free products we aim to reach 100% sustainably sourced raw materials. By continuing to do so, we will limit our impact on global warming, improve animal wellness and slow down deforestation.


Strengthening our co-operation with our customers and suppliers

Through close co-operations with our customers and suppliers, we will be able to reduce food-waste. At the same time, we will further improve the quality of our wide range of chocolate spreads by for example replacing sugars with other, natural sweeteners. These standards make Brinkers a reliable, futureproof and trusted partner, creating high quality products and long term relationships with both our customers and our suppliers.