La Vida Vegan

Already over 130 years, the family owned company Brinkers Food is producing the most delicious chocolate spreads. Whenever you are doing this for such a long period of time, there will be a moment in time that you have thought about everything. And that is the moment that you produce the most delicious chocolate spread ever, La Vida Vegan: 100% organic, vegan, Fairtrade, without palm-oil, gluten free and packed in colourful and cheerful glass jars.

La Vida Vegan is available in five lovely varieties: a smooth hazelnut chocolate spread, containing 15% hazelnuts, a creamy chocolate spread with 11% cocoa, a delicious almond chocolate spread with no less than 15% almonds, a surprising white chocolate spread and a very intense and smooth dark chocolate spread with 30% cocoa.

Next to that, there is also a La Vida Vegan protein variety. This crunchy hazelnut chocolate spread has 70%(!) less sugars, 22% rice protein and real pieces of hazelnut for that extra bite. You will also find a protein coconut spread and a protein caramel spread. So you can chose your own delicious chocolate spread for almost every single day of the week!

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La Vida Vegan White Coconut Spread

La Vida Vegan Chocolate Spread

La Vida Vegan Dark Chocolate Spread

La Vida Vegan Almond Chocolate Spread

La Vida Vegan Hazelnut Chocolate Spread

Protein Products

La Vida Vegan Protein Crunchy Hazelnut Spread

La Vida Vegan Protein Coconut Spread

La Vida Vegan Caramel Spread