Chocolate Symphony

Chocolate Symphony is Brinkers’ conventional flagship brand, offering a range of highly appealing premium chocolate spreads, available in a variety of indulgent flavours, using the very best cocoa and ingredients. Including Sea Salted Caramel and Macadamia Nuts, to name a few. Chocolate Symphony is a real treat. Benefiting from Brinkers’ long tradition of craftsmanship, the range offers the ultimate chocolate spread experience. Chocolate Symphony is available in 200g glass jars, with premium labels and matt-finished lids and in the following eight delicious 100% natural varieties


Symphony No. 6 25% Hazelnut

Symphony No. 5 Sea Salted Caramel

Symphony No. 14 Dark & Coconut

Symphony No. 10 Strawberry & White

Symphony No. 4 Crunchy Almond & White

Symphony No. 9 25% Almond

Symphony No. 3 Crunchy Almond

Symphony No. 2 Dark & Orange