Along with more than 7.000 other exhibitors, Brinkers will be prominently present at the SIAL 2022 edition in Paris from 15 to 19 October. We are happy to be participating once again at the SIAL after the last edition already took place four years ago.

Of course we will take this opportunity to present the latest developments and trends within the chocolate spread category at our stand (Hall 5A, Stand 105). Just like previous editions, we have listed several new products for the SIAL Innovation Award competition. We expect that our new products will be selected again, just as in the 2018 edition with our protein spreads.

Our most important innovations this year are our La Vida Vegan less sugar variants, our delicious So Vegan So Fine walnut and pistachio spreads and four new Chocolate Symphony palm free flavors.

The new products will be judged by a jury of experts and the price will be awarded during the SIAL in Paris. We will, of course, share the final selection of products for the SIAL Innovation Award as soon as these have been announced.

In case you would like to know more about our innovations or our participation in the SIAL 2022, please contact Claudine Vrooijink, marketing manager Brinkers Food, via