At the ANUGA in Cologne, Germany from Saturday 9th of October up to Wednesday 13th of October, we will present the latest developments in the world of chocolate spreads. The Anuga will be different than usual this year. The exhibition will take place both physically and online. Brinkers participated during the online Biofach last year as well, so we know what we are up against. We are very excited that the Anuga will also take place physically because we most certainly missed the contact with our visitors. 

Claudine Vrooijink, Marketing Manager Brinkers:

Next to our supply of a wide range of organic chocolate spreads under private label to a vast number of international multiple retailers,  Brinkers, based in the Netherlands and established more than 135 years ago, is the producer of amongst others the probably bestselling organic chocolate spread brand in the world: La Vida Vegan

La Vida Vegan, the organic, vegan, Fairtrade, palm oil free and gluten-free range of chocolate spreads and available in five delicious varieties, is currently successfully represented by many of our exclusive importers from all over the world. Next to the regular 270 gram jar, we will also present the 600 gram jars this year. A family jar which contains more chocolate spread for a better price.

At the Anuga 2021 we present:

Two brand new flavours within the La Vida Vegan range!

The walnut and the pistachio spread. They contain 15% walnut and 15% pistachio which is perfectly in line with our other flavours such as hazelnut and almond. From our point of view, this is the perfect addition to the regular portfolio in which we can offer a different delicious flavour to every chocolate lover.

The invitations are sent and our area-managers are ready and able, so nothing will stop us (and you) from having a great Anuga 2021!